Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Business meeting at Kozui

Ever wished to have a fashion line with your friends? I did, and now we are on the verge of creating our own brand. Just awhile ago me and my friends met at Kozui, too bad I didn't take shots with them to post here. Oh you really have to try out there spicy dandan noodles and their green tea drinks!(Yes it's worth advertising this in my blog)

Visit their website here:

And now my friends are gone, our meeting is done, I've got some things left to do but I got into my vain mood resulting to this:

Against the light, but I'm still pretty. : >  (BWAHAHA)

 Seriously how did I do this.only one pupil goes to the center :o

What would I look like if i would have a nosejob? :>

Busy sketching??Nah!Just posing :)))


VLM. said...

Hahah! These are great shots of you.

tiuela said...

Thanks dear!VANITY REIGNS :)))