Thursday, May 12, 2011

Counting Blogyears

I started blogging when I was in grade 5,back when it wasn't a trend yet. When internet was introduced to my raw mind, I already wanted my own website, a personal virtual space where I can write anything and put stuff in it (Yes, the music, chatbox and all that gadgets we have right now were my online blog fetish those days, well even now : >).Counting blogyears, I've been unconsciously blogging for about 2 years and consciously blogging for 6 years, so that's a total of 8 blogging years!!

And now I'm reminiscing my blogyears....
*nostalgic blur*

The first ever blog I had was hosted by Xanga(Remember this?)

*removing cobwebs*

My layout was such a fail back then, even if it was provided.

This is another xanga site of mine (I kind of had a habit of abandoning non updated blogs back then since no one was reading it anyway)

*removing more cobwebs*

Yes, I was a huge Mary-kate and Ashley fan. I buy there books back then. I especially loved their "So many things to do, so little time" book series. ANOTHER BLOG LAYOUT FAIL.The MK&A layout wasn't even aligned and don't even start reading my post, I can't stop laughing at myself since I've started reading my oh so ancient blog posts. Another thing, see the date? my last post in Xanga was on August 2005! That's 6 years ago!

Enough of Xanga, the next host of my blog was (tentenenen!) BLOGGER!!

*not so much cobwebs*

I forgot when I went back to blogging again, but I'm guessing it was either in 4th year high school or during 1st year college. So I decided to try blogger, and here it is! I had my own theme and made my banner and all, but this is more of my personal blog. All my previous rants,complains, hopes, and dreams are posted here. I stopped blogging here because my friend was using wordpress and in wp, the posts can be made private with password lock(and so I was amazed)!

*no more cobwebs,just dusty*

The time I switched to WP was the time I had my 1st boyfriend(before the start of the year and we broke up last march) and the time I got a new phone, so it was like a whole new chapter of my life. But then I had to stop posting and visiting my WP because it was full of my love memories with my ex. And so now I'm back to my dear ol' BLOGGER! But this time, it's freakin' PUBLIC babe!


I wanted to start anew. Now with something other than my rants and complains about life. This time it will be something useful and beautiful to show the world that "Hey! I'm Elaine Tiu! Oh by the way I exist!"

Back then I didn't care whether someone read my posts or not (or so I thought), I just wanted my own blog to write in, asides from my usual notebook diary. But now I've gone PUBLIC! Promoting my blog and all, this time I want people to read what I have to say, and appreciate what I have to show.


VLM. said...

Haha! This post made me laugh out loud. I unconsciously blogged for a while too!Love your blog, keep it up!

tiuela said...

Thanks love :*

<3 Elaine

Denise said...

thank you for following. blogging is good. oh this post makes me feel old. you started blogging at grade 5 and makes me think am really old compared to you. c",) me too i stated blogging the old-fashion-school way of pen and paper. am keeping them all still.

SH said...

great blog.

please check out

SH said...

great blog.

please check out

Divina Joy said...

Wow. amazing how many years you've been blogging and I'm just starting.

tiuela said...

Hi Divina! Yes but I was blogging privately was just a place to let out my rants and all. :)