Friday, December 30, 2011

Elaine's 2011 and New Year Message

Gained 7 lbs.
Had mumps for 2 weeks.
Been unemployed for 5 months.
Had a career crisis.
Missed a lot of events and reunions.
Had my heart broken.

Had my bachelor's degree.
Got a job.
Met some awesome people.
Traveled to different places in the Philippines.
Had some new experiences.
Won a cellphone and and an overnight stay at a suite. :))
Got a lot of free alcoholic drinks (though I don't drink that much anymore)
Cliche as it may sound, but time flies so fast. 2011 was like a roller coaster ride for me as I had my ups and downs; and in just a minute the ride's over.

We may had a lot of bad experiences this year, but those spurts of happy moments compensated what we felt and lost from those unpleasant memories we had this year.

2012 is almost a day away. Another year for us to be open to new experiences, a new environment, and even a new love. Change is as inevitable as time, but whatever happens this coming year, may we face it with courage, hope, and the thought that we are never alone. Thank God for another year ahead! May we all be blessed! Happy New Year!! :)

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